Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My review of Catch My Heart by Lyssa Layne

Andy Garrity - Love is a Fire & Burst Into Flame

Andy has experienced more heartache in the last few years than any man should. Yet, his daughter-in-laws believe that maybe it's time for him to move on so he is no longer alone after the death of his wife Lisa, three years ago.

This book is an amazing look at the guilt of moving alone and knowing that it is ok to move on and no longer feel lonley. The book brings up such sad memories from past books, yet it is an amazing book on love and the ability to never forget those we have lost.

Absolutely loved this story!

Brianna Rossi - Everybody's After Love

Brianna is very excited with the upcoming arrival of her baby girl with her husband James Paul. Her pregnancy has been going super well and her and James Paul have been having a lot of intimate moments together! Her sister-in-law Julianne is also pregnant but has not been enjoying it the same way and is very fearful about something not going well.

I don't know how to tell you how amazing this story is without ruining anything. Holy incredible and emotional! This story just sinks into you and overwhelms you with emotion. Absolutely loved it!

Blake Purser - Loved by the Linebacker

Blake has been in a secret relationship with Molly for the past two years and he is really tired of sneaking around. On Valentine's Day he heads for dinner with Molly, Evan, Camila, Tate, Mia, Grant and Colie and they all discuss marriage and kids. Maybe Blake's in over his head this time.

Wow - really not sure how I feel about Blake! I must admit that I had issues with Blake in Loved by the Linebacker for the way he treated Evan and it appears that he still hasn't grown up. As he is getting his knee back together to hopefully return to the field life has more in store for him and the way he treats everyone will soon come back to haunt him.

Miranda Wallen - Holding the Other

Miranda is the queen of country music and is married to country music star Lee Maverick. Yet, over the past 10 years together they have gradually grown apart and Miranda feels like they are no longer connected. Will this Valentine's Day find the passion they have been missing?

This story is all about finding yourself and truly doing what is best for yourself and not adhering to what everyone expects from you. Miranda has to do what makes her happy and find herself and what she has lost over the years. I could really relate to this story!

Jacob "Smitty" Smith - My Favorite What If

Smitty and his girlfriend Sloan arrive back in the US after spending the last 6 months in Italy. They are ready to spend their lives together but who knows how it will be when they have their families and friends around them. Will they be able to handle the ghosts of their pasts, now that they are back in front of them?

I love Smitty! It must be so hard for both Sloan and Smitty to move on from the heartbreaks in their pasts to forge a future together but they start doing it. Smitty has several surprises for Sloan which shows the amazing guy he is. I just really hope Smitty catches a break as he truly deserves so much happiness!

5 Stars!!

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