Monday, February 29, 2016

My review of David by Lindsay Cross

Lori is done being a "single" wife and mother while her hubby David works undercover distancing himself more and more from his family. When she believes he is having an affair with someone he works with she feels their marriage is over.

David needs to prove to Lori that he loves her and their kids above everything else but unfortunately being undercover means that the job doesn't always end.

I thought this story was great in that it really went into detail about how difficult it is for a wife to cope while your hubby is more dedicated to a dangerous job than he is to his family. I really felt for Lori and how much she did for the kids. I also felt so much towards the kids, knowing that their dad doesn't show up to many things and lets them down so much over saying he will be there and isn't.

Yet, David starts to prove himself, even if it comes to late. I can't wait for more from Lindsay!!

4 Stars!

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