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My review of Cowboy, Mine

Texas Haven by Kathleen Ball

Annie Douglas is trying to escape New York after catching her fiance in bed with her best friend and goes to Weltworth, Texas to look at some property that her brother Sonny just bought.

Burke Dawson is trying to keep his ranch afloat and is shocked that his ex-wife Alice sold half of his families property to Sonny. But Burke is also looking for a wife and Annie may be the perfect person to fill that position.

But when Alice shows up shortly after Burke and Annie are married things are going wrong for Annie and unfortunately she doesn't know whose side Burke is on.

I enjoyed this book but I had a hard time really loving the characters. I liked Annie but until just past mid-way through the book she really never stood up for herself in any way and was walked all over by most of the characters. I was so frustrated for her.

I really was not happy with Burke through the whole middle of the book after Alice arrives. I know the author most likely intended for that to happen and in that she did a great job! Alice was pure evil and I hope something really bad happened to her!

I'm still looking forward to reading more from this author!

3.5 Stars

Take Me Home, Cowboy by Krista Ames

Ally Kincaid is an editor at Blume Brothers Publishing and has no desire to be in a relationship, and continually has to remind her boss Daniel of this as he keeps asking her out. When a phone call out to her father, Jesse, goes answered by a rude cowboy she knows it's time to come home for a visit.

Matt Gentry is escaping from his past and has been working as the foreman on the ranch for Jesse for the past two years. He is not looking for any relationship but can't help be instantly attracted to Ally, no matter how much he tries to deny it. The two have chemistry for sure but neither are looking for a future together.

When an accident makes them each question their life will it bring them together or let them know that they are better off apart. And most importantly will Ally forgive Matt for his past?

This was a sweet romance on the importance of forgiving ourselves for things out of our control. Both Ally and Matt have pasts that not make them want to love again, yet the both know they have so many feelings for each other that they find it difficult to overlook.

Such a great romance and I look forward to more from the author!

4 Stars

The Honeymoon Ranch by Cheryl Gorman

Summer Conroy's business is in trouble after having to pay off her mother's debts when she died but when she inherits half of Silver Creek Ranch she thinks she is finally going to be ok financially. Unfortunately Bryce Jericho, who inherited the other half of his grandfather's ranch is not happy at all with the will.

When Summer wants to turn the ranch into a wedding destination and Bryce wants to turn it into a better ranch there is huge tension and when they both develop feelings and attraction for the other the two need to decide if they can work together to make everything a success.

I enjoyed this book and all of the tension involved with Summer and Bryce trying to sort out their feelings for one another. They both looked at things so differently yet both had huge hearts and really deep down wanted the other to succeed, yet they both did not want to get involved in a relationship.

Summer is trying her best at succeeding and it is sad that she was in so much trouble financially with no fault of her own due to her mother's bills. I loved the ideas she had and really enjoyed watching them come to light. I did really like Bryce as well and completely understood why he was hesitant in making the ranch a wedding destination as it would undermine the credibility of the ranch.

A great story and I look forward to more from the author.

4 Stars

Chalkboard Romance by Melissa Keir

Lauren Walsh is a divorced elementary school teacher whose ex-husband did a number on her self-esteem. Her best friend, Melanie, decides to set her up with a dating service called The Playhouse, that gets excellent results.

Mac Thomas is a foreign news correspondent with an 8 year old son, Todd, whose mom died 2 years ago. Mac's wife was never in love with him but they stayed together for the sake of Todd, although Mac was rarely at home. His sister, Sherry, decides to take matters into her own hands and sets him up with The Playhouse as well.

When sparks fly between Lauren and Mac, Lauren knows she has to get out of there before she gets her heart broken again. But what she doesn't expect is that she will see Mac when he comes to pick up one of her students, Todd, a week later. When Mac and Lauren begin a relationship it is clear that her job is on the line and Lauren must decide if Mac's love is worth the risk.

I enjoyed this story and how Lauren was able to get her self-esteem back from the damage her ex did on her. I was super mad at Melanie for about half the book but luckily she redeemed herself at the end. I really loved all of Mac's family and the love and support that they showed towards Lauren in welcoming her into their family!

4 Stars

Until You Fall in Love by Lyssa Layne 

There are certain moments when you read a book and it makes your heart beat a little faster. This book is one of the books that did it to me. I loved this book and the characters of Abram and Jordan and wish I could find someone like Abram!

Jordan Glastetter is a single mom to son R.J. and raising him with her best friend Abram Tomko. Jordan is battling with herself in wondering if she is asking Abram to give up too much of himself to help her and her son out.

What do you do if there is a possibility of loving your best friend yet if they don't feel the same you risk losing that friendship? It is such a fine line as it is a tough thing to risk.

There is so much emotion in this book and I was so excited that Mia and Tate James make an appearance or two in this book!! This book is such a great read and definitely tore at my emotions!!

5 Stars

The Cowboy's Baby by D'Ann Lindun

Cathleen "Cat" O'Brien has just returned to her Grandma's home in Granite, Colorado when her past comes back. The daughter, Eve, she gave up almost 18 years ago comes to her pregnant and alone after being thrown out of her adoptive parents house on Halloween night. That same night Eve comes face to face with Eve's dad, Tanner Burke, who forced her to give Eve up and now has an eight year old daughter, Sutton.

As Cat, Tanner and Eve begin to learn about each other they are faced with the same situation they were in and neither Cat nor Eve want to give up the baby but Tanner does. Will they be able to come to an agreement and will the past love that Cat and Tanner shared be able to be rekindled?

I enjoyed this story and I can't imagine having to give up your child when you really don't want to. The story is about forgiveness, second chances and family support. With the support of your family you can do anything and I think Eve had that with Cat. Tanner really wanted the best for everyone but finally realized what he missed out on.

I look forward to reading more books from the author!

4 Stars

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