Thursday, May 12, 2016

My review of Wolf's Blade by Clare Dargin

Callum Blake is the lead Paladin for his pack and is on a quest to bring down former pack member Eryx Leva who has committed murder and has stolen the sacred dagger. Eryx is trying to become the King of Wolves and must complete several tasks in order to become the King.

When Callum and Eryx battle, Samantha Dixon overhears Callum's wolf cry and believes that he could be her mate and rescues him after his fight. As Samantha helps Callum regain his strength will he allow her to tell her father and alpha the danger they are in or will she keep quiet for the sake of love until it may be too late?

But when other truths are revealed will it be too much for Samantha and her pack to bare or will love conquer all?

I thought this book was good but it didn't grab me and I found certain notions difficult. I found it interesting how Eryx pointed out all the flaws within Callum's tribe yet, he never addressed them nor did his father. This was one of the few books I have ever read where it appeared that the alpha didn't know what he was doing in keeping his tribe together.

The attraction between Callum and Samantha was immediate but that does appear to be consistent with werewolf books. I found the book extremely fast paced and it didn't feel like there was much time at all that went by from start to finish.

I would definitely like to read the author again as I did enjoy the book but I found I just drifted from time to time.

3 Stars

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