Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My review of Honor Bound by Laura Strickland

The battle of Culloden has just taken place in Scotland in April 1746 and Diarmad Ramsay's father has just lost his life on the battlefield.

Diarmad must now pretend to be Prince Charles Stuart in order to confuse the English on which way the true Prince Charles Stuart went. He is accompanied on his journey by Mara MacIvor and the two must navigate slowly to their destination in Northern Scotland without getting caught while safely leaving rumors of them travelling together.

As the two begin to get to know each other they develop an attraction for each other and must decide if they can hold off their feelings for each other long enough to complete the journey or if their attraction for one another will get in the way of completing the journey.

I enjoyed this book and found their journey enjoyable. It was definitely interesting as they left clues to who they were as they passed through towns but never gave any clear indication. I found it was definitely intriguing with Archibald and MacNeal to see who was willing to do what for a certain price.

I found that I enjoyed the book but didn't get totally swept away by the characters. The book was good and I would definitely read the author again.

3 Stars

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