Saturday, May 28, 2016

My review of Divergent Bloodline by TJ Shaw

Detective Viviane Taylor is investigating the murder of Victor Gleason and the trail has led her to the powerful businessman Julian DeMatteo. Viviane knows that Julian is definitely hiding something and she knows she must find out what, while putting her attraction to him aside.

Julian DeMatteo is the king of vampires and knows he is walking a fine line with his attraction to Viviane and protecting his people. When one of his enemies puts Viviane in danger Julian knows he must protect her at all costs, no matter how many alliances he loses.

This was a good story that evolved into a more complex story than what I was expecting. I loved all the initial tension between Viviane and Julian as they tried to figure out what there relationship could be.

I thought Katherine was pretty evil and controlling with how she felt with Julian and never really knew which side she was going to be on. Julian was so protective over Viviane that I didn't know what would happen with their alliance.

The love of Viviane and Julian seemed true and I don't know if she caught the eye of Eddie as a way of getting to Julian or because he knew more than they did about Viviane.

This was my first time reading the author and it won't be my last.

3.5 Stars

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  1. Rebecca, thank you so much for your review and for hosting Divergent Bloodline on your blog! I truly appreciate it.