Thursday, May 26, 2016

My review of Sweet Indulgence by Jill Blake

Becca Markham is just getting out a bad relationship with her cheating boyfriend, John, and deciding what she wants from her job when she decides to follow her heart.

Leo Kogan has always had a secret crush on Becca but as a co-worker of John he has always kept his distance but when he discovers that Becca has caught onto John's indiscretions he decides to make his move.

But Becca is not ready for another relationship and when it is clear that Leo and Becca's views on jobs and money are completely different will they each be able to give a little for each other or are they better off just as friends?

This is the second book I have read by the author and both I really enjoyed. I love the debate that Becca had between giving up her real job for the job of her dreams. I love how that was partially inspired by everything her mom was going through. I did love that Becca's mom finally got up the courage to leave her abusive relationship showing the reader that it is never to late to leave and live for yourself.

I also enjoyed the exploration of how Leo grew up and how he had a different value placed on the job from living in Russia and how uncertain life can be. He wants to make sure his family is secure and the best way he knows how is through a good job.

I love how Becca and Leo start with a friendship but Leo already knows he wants more so he is somewhat pushing her but at the same time afraid to push too hard and scare her!

Such a great story about discovering what you want and how sometimes you need to compromise!

4 Stars

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