Sunday, May 22, 2016

My review of One More Chapter by K.S. Thomas

Karma Gracey has not had an easy go of life. She loves her job as an editor and doesn't get out much and definitely has no plans for romance. She sometimes is forced to go out with her best friend Layne Larson, a romance writer, but she enjoys her reclusive lifestyle until she meets him.

Jenson Wade is doing the best he can surviving and raising his two kids. He has no plans on moving on from his past until a chance meeting with Karma turns his life upside down. Yet she is the sister of a friend of his, Dallas, who wants Jenson to stay as far away from Karma as possible. Yet he can't do that.

Will Karma and Jenson be able to help each other recover from difficult pasts and find a future together or will the ghosts of the past overtake any chance of happiness for the future?

K.S. Thomas is one of those authors who make me giddy just by knowing that I have a book in my tbr pile. Her writing just blows me away and is just filled with so much honesty, pain and struggles that you feel like you are gasping for air and then at other times she has you laughing so hard at the things she comes up with. This book is definitely worth the read.

When she writes about Jenson's children, Kenzie and Mason you can tell she is a mother who has been through some of these things. I love her describing Kenzie as Houdini and the whole sick episode made me laugh so much as I have been there.

But this book also has so many levels of pain and the things that Karma has gone through breaks your heart into a million pieces as she was never able to put everything back together properly.

This book is about hope and the power of love to heal what is broken.

Absolutely incredible!

5 Stars

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