Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My review of Praise Her, Praise Diana by Anne Rothman-Hicks and Ken Hicks

Attorney Jane Larson is in a relationship with David but she believes that he may be cheating on her. When she becomes the lawyer for writer Maggie Edwards she has no idea what she is getting into.

Maggie Edwards has just written a very successful book based upon a girl who is raped by two men then gets revenge on them but Maggie has secrets that she is hiding from everyone and is having trouble writing her next book. What Maggie doesn't expect is the character in her book, Diana, to take on a life of her own and be tied up in various murders on men who have been "deemed guilty".

Will Jane and Maggie be able to figure out who the real Diana is and be able to stop all the madness that is going on around them. Will their developing feelings for each other begin to cause even more problems for what is going on around them?

I enjoyed the book but found that I sometimes got lost on who was who and which group everyone was associated with. It was interesting to read about women committing these "sexual" crimes against men but it was almost too much with all the bickering going on between all the different women and I found that it took away from the story.

Jane has no luck with relationships and I think she should honestly just join a convent! I'm still not 100% sure on the truth of what happened between her and David and I wish we got the truth. Maggie is so clingy with Jane and I felt that she didn't trust her at all and didn't like how she was trying to keep Jane from her job and all the people that needed her.

I found that all the secondary characters had so many disagreements that I almost lost interest in most of them. Their squabbling took something away from the story as I found them childish yet the story was trying to portray women as being stronger by beating and injuring men who degraded them.

Hopefully Jane is able to get some good luck soon!

3 Stars

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