Monday, May 23, 2016

My review of Grand Prize by Kira Hillins

Melanie Cranberry has no idea the trouble she's gotten herself into when she wins the grand prize at Night on the Red Carpet and walks away with two eligible bachelors. She's bound by rules to go on dates with both men and then choose a winner. The trouble is that both are good looking and dangerous.

Cage Niching is a lawyer and well known ladies man who is looking to settle down with just one woman. He is attracted to Melanie and a little forward in his approach. But he wants to win the prize, Melanie.

Victor Wine is a detective and is looking to bring down the Rock Maker after losing his girlfriend, Muara to the drug. The easiest way is to go undercover which brings him to Melanie. Yet, he can't deny the attraction they have and soon must decide if the past is worth risking the future.

Will Melanie be able to decide between the two men and soon it looks like she is in over her head as the bullets start to fly and she discovers that she is a pawn in a deadly game.

Wow - this book had so many twists and turns I really never knew what was coming next or who I was cheering for. Ok, maybe I knew that right from the beginning but I can't spoil it!

Melanie is so innocent in this book it is crazy and she truly had no idea except wanting to find a nice guy to go on a couple of dates with. I just can't believe how much craziness was involved and how deep the connections went. I was blown away by some of the twists and turns and really had no idea what was coming next!

I knew which guy I wanted to win right from the beginning as I was looking at the one I would want. Cage and Victor are such opposites yet are best friends but shared some common interests and hobbies, although Cage's were a little more extreme. Yet in a twisted way both guys were trying to figure out what happened to Muara but were going at it differently.

This was a great suspenseful book and I definitely look forward to reading more from the author!

4 Stars

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