Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My review of Offbeat by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Taryn McAllister had everything ripped away from her in an instant when a car accident left her a paralyzed from the waist down, her boyfriend dead and her best friend who was driving, country star Kyra Sanders able to walk away. When they learn the truth about the accident Kyra and Taryn reconnect and work on repairing their relationship.

When Kyra gets Taryn a chance to perform with the band Baby Stetson as their drummer, she must decide what she wants in the future and if she is ready to go out on the road, when confined to a wheelchair.

Chris Roland, the brother of Melody Roland, from the band Baby Stetson has agreed to be the backup drummer if Taryn chooses not the join but for some reason he no longer finds any passion with drumming. Yet a call from his mother, the first in 20 years, makes him question everything and must find out what is keeping him down.

Will Taryn and Chris discover the attraction they have for each other and go forward or will the ghosts that each of them have keep them at a distance and prevent them from moving on.

This book was great! I thought it really explained the ups and downs of what Taryn was going through so well and my heart was honestly just in pieces for her. I can't imagine what anyone goes through and then to discover why it happened is so just so mind blowing.

I also really enjoyed how the author tackled depression and what Chris went through and then the look into his and Melody's mother. I was not happy at all with the mom, Bridgette through out the whole book and although I understand the need to save your child I am still blown away at her choices. The author did a phenomenal job at making you so angry with her!

I enjoyed how hard Chris worked at making sure everything was right for Taryn and how all of her friends tried their best to make sure she was comfortable with all the changes in her life. The friendship between Kyra and Taryn had to be rebuilt but they were still able to share so much together and I like that they are able to get their relationship more solid after everything they have been through.

Definitely looking forward to the next book in the series!!

4.5 Stars

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