Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My review of Cinderella Busted by Petie McCarty

Lily Foster is the owner of Bloom & Grow nursery and is embroiled in a legal battle over being grandfathered in on a rule that allows her to live on the property. She is very lucky to have Rob Shaw and Tammy Waynette working for her and helping her through the tough times since her father passed away.

When Rhett Buchanan walks through the doors of the nursery and believes that Lily is a wealthy customer she does nothing to change his mind when the handsome man asks her for a date, not knowing who he is. Lily feels as though she is "Cinderella" as she begins a romance with the handsome CEO, but is her time running out for telling him the truth?

As life explodes around Lily and the truth comes out, it looks like more secrets and lies are all around her and Lily doesn't know who to trust anymore. Yet those closest to Lily know the type of person she is and will do anything to make her feel like Cinderella one more time.

This book was great and had so many layers of trickery and deceit involved in it which was fun to read about. Lily is both innocent and guilty at the same time. I completely understood why she wanted to feel special and "escape" from her world as it hasn't been easy for her lately. I initially understood why Rhett was upset but then he was just pure crazy and Delia was just evil from head to toe.

I loved Rob, Tammy, Garrett and Aidan and their loyalty to Lily and her happiness. At times I wished that it was going to be a different outcome due to the loyalties that they had towards Lily and not Rhett.

There were definitely a few surprises in the book and some stuff that didn't surprise me at all! I would love to see another book come out with more of these characters!

4 Stars

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