Monday, May 9, 2016

My review of Fire, Fury, Faith by N.D. Jones Audiobook

This story focuses on the love story between Serwa and Issa who have come together from warring tribes and found a love that lasts indefinitely.

There are three chapters and each one focuses on a different aspect of their life. Fire involves the beginning of their love and what happens when their love is discovered by Serwa's dad. It also involves a demon who attacks Serwa. This chapter takes place in the past.

In Fury Issa is seeking revenge on the demon Ethan O'Leary and it takes place in present day. The angel Nathaniel allows Issa to become a Hunter Angel to take down O'Leary while Serwa lies in a hospital bed.

In Faith Issa finally has the chance to catch O'Leary but learns that maybe that wasn't all he was missing in his life. He finally realizes that he can't do everything on his own and sometimes needs the help and love of others to pull him through.

I enjoyed the audiobook but it's definitely different than reading a book. This is only my second time listening to an audiobook and I always find it amusing to hear a man pretending to be a woman, especially during sex scenes. The book was definitely enjoyable but at certain points I found myself a little lost because I wasn't reading and couldn't go back as easy to see what I missed to understand better.

That being said I did enjoy the book and would definitely try one again from this author!

3 Stars

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