Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My review of Crave by Victoria Danaan

This is the second book is the Exiled Series and Carnal needs to be read first.

Crave has been kept but the Rautt for years and is finally rescued by his family and friends but he has no recollection of them or of his actions upon being rescued. Will Crave be able to get his memories back and finally come back to the land of the living or will he be forced to live in a new prison among those who love him?

His Promised, Dandelion, has hopes that the Crave she remembers is somewhere inside of him and doesn't give up on him. She reads to him every night and no matter how crazy he acts she remains there for him.

Yet when he snaps out of one trance and it is clear he doesn't remember much will his actions push away Dandy when it is clear he doesn't remember who she is? Will he ever remember what they had?

This book is definitely puts your emotions through a roller-coaster! I can't imagine how much torture Crave endured as a prisoner to the Rautt and it is understandable why it took him so long to recover. Then when he snaps out of the first trance he has no memory of who he is which is so hard for those that love him. Dandy never gave up until he broke her heart, without even being aware of it.

Dandy's devotion to Crave was so amazing and the love she had for him was so true and she never gave up on him. She truly deserves so much happiness and I'm glad that she was able to find her true purpose in the book and give herself to her new job.

I absolutely loved getting to know Charming in this book and I really hope that he is next! He really took over the leadership and did what was needed of him so that everyone around him had time to heal and put their efforts other places.

Can't wait for the next book!

4 Stars

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