Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My review of The Audition by Lea Bronsen

3.5 Stars

Ricardo 'El Loco" Ferrer is 33 and a powerful drug lord and movie producer. He tries to keep some of his business on the "clean side" while getting dirty as a drug lord.

Jaden Moore is 18 and has dreams of becoming an actor and proving that he is good enough to his abusive father.

When Jaden shows up in a shady part of town for an audition with Rico and his business partners he is surprised at what is asked of him but he knows how important the job is. But for Rico, seeing Jaden produces feelings he has never had before.

When Rico's two worlds collide will he realize what is most important to him?

I enjoyed this book but it will not be for everyone. The book is M/M with super hot scenes between the men in the book.

Rico was super powerful and you could see how dangerous he was with what happened with Andrew Phleck at the beginning of the book and you never saw the middle of the book coming with the consequences from that.

I really had no idea initially what was going to happen at the audition and when I discovered how far it was going I think I was in as much shock as Jaden. It was interesting to see what Jaden discovered about himself at that time but always knew but was afraid of his dad and therefore hid everything.

I loved the change in Rico due to everything that happened and I must admit I was super surprised that he agreed to Davidson's request at the end of the book.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed some parts of it :)