Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My review of Shadow by Marie James

Morrison "Shadow" Griggs is a member of the Cerberus MC Club and is known as a womanizer. When he meets Misty Bowen they have a few nights together and then reconnect again at the wedding of Kaleb and Josie. That night Misty tells Shadow a lie and it may come back to cost her everything.

Misty's mistake has cost her the job she loves and a place to live and she struggles to get by on her own. When she makes a monumental mistake and decides to run she goes to the one place where she hopes she will be safe.

Shadow is in shock and one thing he doesn't take too lightly is being lied to. But he still has feelings for Misty and must decide what he is going to do before he pushes her away and into someone else's arms.

This is such a great series and I loved this book! This book is not the typical MC book as there was no violence in it but a look at love and "image". In this day and age is it's so sad to think that there are people out there like Misty's parents and also courts that a father has no say over whether he is able to get a say in their child, like Colorado. It blows my mind and I'm glad this author brought these issues to light.

I admire Misty and everything she went through but felt so bad at some of the decisions she made without really realizing the impact it would have on her. I also felt bad that she was so scared to open up to Shadow about her mistakes so that he could help her through them.

I'm glad Shadow was able to see things from a different perspective due to his sister Bri and Kincaid. I think the series has really done a great job at getting rid of the stereotypes behind bikers!

Can't wait for the next book!

5 Stars

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