Thursday, August 18, 2016

My review of Seeking Hope by J.M. Maurer

This is the third book in the Emerging from Darkness Series and the first two need to be read first.

Jessica Winters and Matthew Moi have finally overcome the demons in their respective pasts and are ready to move onto the next step!

But someone out there isn't happy with Jessica and soon it is clear that her life is in danger and Matthew will do anything he can to keep her safe, and that includes not telling her what is going on.

As Matthew and Jessica get closer to their wedding, Matthew does whatever he can to keep her safe but it may not be enough.

Wow - what a great conclusion to this series!! I was kept on the edge of my seat waiting for things to happen and I wasn't disappointed. I was definitely shocked at the end and it was well worth the wait.

I loved how protective Matthew was and understood why he kept everything from Jessica but it was still super risky for her not to know that someone was after her. She is such a caring person and has such an amazing group of friends around her who support her!

This was such a great series and I definitely look forward to more books from the author!

4.5 Stars

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  1. Thanks for the review, and for sharing your thoughts with your readers. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Seeking Hope!! Thank you for reading the trilogy. I appreciate it!! <3