Monday, August 22, 2016

My review of The Pleasure Principal by Kimberly Adkins

Alice (Alicia) Dahl is a housekeeper that works for the attractive Dr.Anderson Cain. Dr.Cain seems to have a rotating door of women in and out of his house for the past year. When Alice overhears an argument between Anderson and his latest fling, Beverly, she does some investigating which leads her to Damsals.

Julian Brax is captivated by Alice the moment she enters Damsals and knows he wants to get to know her more. But the problem is that Anderson also wants to get to know her better, as he doesn't recognize her as his housekeeper. As both men vie for her attention will it cost them their friendship and the girl?

I thought this book was okay but it didn't grab my attention the way others have. I found it a little confusing with the different names and I was kind of shocked that Anderson didn't recognize Alice at all.

I also found it hard to believe that both men fell in love with "Alicia" so fast with very limited interactions with her. Alice was very naive which put her in some bad positions and she was lucky that she escaped unhurt.

3 Stars

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