Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My review of The Draig's Woman by Lisa Dawn Wadler

Claire believes in doing the right thing and when she rescues a man from being tied up to a tree she has no idea that this will take her from being in Phoenix in 2012 back in time to Scotland 1217. Yet when it is clear that she is not able to return she and the man she rescued, Ian, must make it back to his land safely from the men that had tied him up to begin with.

Ian is Laird of the Draig clan and has agreed to marry Mairi, in order to protect his clan from bankruptcy. What he doesn't count on is falling for Claire. When forced to make a difficult choice will Ian choose the woman he has fallen for or the clan he has vowed to protect. Will Claire accept the choice that Ian has made?

This was a good book and definitely had a lot of twists and turns that I really did not see coming. The author does a really good job at keeping you in suspense and although I knew what I wanted to see happen I was never sure how everything would play out with all the different variables.

I really enjoyed the character of Claire. She had her life turned upside down yet really wanted to do what she thought was the morally correct thing to do, even if it cost her a chance to be with her true love. I love the close friendships that she formed at the castle and just how she continued to stay true to her personal beliefs.

Ian was a character that was in such conflict as he really cared about Claire but he knew that his whole clan depended upon him to make the right choice. In that he was very unselfish although I hated the choices that he made.

This book kept me involved until the last page and I look forward to more books from this author!

4 Stars

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