Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My review of Second Shield II by Stacy Eaton

This is the second book in the Second Shield Series and book one has to be read first!! This review will have information pertinent to the review of the second book so if you have not read book one first stop and go read it - it's great!

Sergeant MacKenize  McAllister is trying to go on with life while she waits for her boyfriend, Andrew Cooper to return from California. Unfortunately Mac finds out some news that she has to tell Drew but when he tells her that he has to focus on his ill ex-girlfriend, who is mother to his kids, and needs space Mac doesn't tell him as she thinks it is over for the two.

Jumping in to help Mac is Drew's friend Chris Carley who stands by Mac every step of the way and the two get closer. As Mac and Chris begin investigating a serial killer they face the threat of the killer getting bolder. When Drew returns he must face everything that was kept from him and know he may have lost Mac for good. But when Drew begins to figure out more about the serial killer he realizes he may have cost Mac her safety.

This book was an amazing conclusion to the first one!! I remember messaging the author after the first book asking when this one was coming and she did not disappoint at all!

I was definitely on the edge of my seat with all the relationship drama and all the serial killer activities.

I felt so bad for Mac when she tried telling Drew what was going on and then he brushed her off and then never talked to her again for months. I couldn't blame her at all for her actions as I would have done the same! I was sad with the tension that it put on her relationship with Jose but I could understand both sides.

I was so mad at Drew for much of the book and I was impressed at how Chris stepped in. It was obvious how he felt but he still did such a great job at not pressuring her a lot, although you knew what he wanted!

The serial killer was so unique and I really liked how it went!

Another great job by this author!

5 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!