Thursday, August 25, 2016

My review of Angels Fly by Donna Simonetta

Kelly Morrison is having trouble moving on from the death of her husband Michael two years ago. Yet her friends believe that it is time for her to find some happiness, as does the angel Uriel. Uriel enlists the help of his angels Zane and Kelly's deceased husband Michael to help her find happiness.

Michael is able to find a man named James Flynn from Kelly's past who he believes would be perfect for her. The problem is that there is a fallen angel named Mildred that will do whatever she can to prevent James and Kelly from obtaining any happiness.

I liked the book but I almost found that the angels themselves took a bit away from the story. I liked that Michael was trying to get the right guy for Kelly and think he did a great job. Yet Zane and Michael at times seemed to be on a bit of a wild goose chase with Mildred and you'd think if they were able to appear at certain times they wouldn't have some of the problems that they did.

I liked the characters of Kelly and James and enjoyed how they worked through their respective issues with moving on and into a serious relationship. Each of their respective friend groups were great and very supportive.

Tracy was quite the piece of work and I'm glad she got what she deserved!

3 Stars

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