Saturday, August 6, 2016

My review of Pan by K.R. Thompson

The pixies in Neverland are dying and one pixie goes to the mainland to try and get some help. The pixie finds a boy named Peter who is collecting souls and chooses him to be the savior of Neverland.

Will Peter be up to the task or will he have his own agenda?

This book is a quick introduction into Neverland and our main characters - Peter and a Pixie that Peter names Tink.

I thought the book was a good and quick read and it appears that the series will be interesting. I think it was a good introduction but I was almost hoping for a little more.

Tink obviously cares for the survival of the Pixies and therefore looks for help but I'm thinking she got more than she bargained for with Peter! I hope we get to know the Lost Boys more.

3 Stars

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