Monday, August 8, 2016

My review of Feather Light by Lorenz Font

Parker Davis is the owner of Knead Me, a massage clinic that has expanded to three cities which keeps him extremely busy. He is known for his feather light touches and also for his declining eyesight due to retinitis pigmentosa. He has his brother Cork helping him out with his business as well as great personal assistants in each of his offices.

Kelly Storm is an actress who is trying to lay low after suffering much heartbreak after her breakup with fellow actor Matthew who cheated on her. Kelly's best friend and assistant Jessica Renoir arranges for her to have a massage with Parker under an alias.

As Kelly and Parker get closer, Kelly continues to hide her true identity from Parker. When Parker finds out the truth will he give Kelly a second chance or will he push her away for not trusting him?

I really enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure what to expect but this book kept my attention from start to finish.

Parker Davis was such a great character in that he had a weakness and unfortunately through that Kelly was able to hide her true identity from him. Yet even when they got closer she was able to hide who she really was from him. Parker really tried to not let his disease control his life and did a great job at getting by to the best of his ability. Although he definitely had a dark side which was evident at several points.

I did really like Kelly as I completely understood why she didn't want to expose who she was, especially at the beginning. I must admit that I was sad that she didn't tell him the truth sooner but the book worked much better the way it came out. Kelly had so much sorrow earlier that she really held certain things close to her - especially her relationship with Parker.

I loved the other characters - Cork, Webster and Jessica as they each added great dialogue in and good drama!

Looking forward to reading more from this author!    

4 Stars

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