Tuesday, November 12, 2019

My review of Hitching The Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

Riley Bishop is in Las Vegas with his best friend Diesel and the two are ready for some fun. Riley and Diesel are known for  their bets with each other and it is costly to refuse one. The stakes have never been so high and Riley wakes up one morning to his new "wife" beside him.

Zoey Mitchell has never felt so free as when she was in Vegas with Summer. Now she finds herself married and really wanting to give her marriage a go even though it means uprooting herself to the unknown.

Can Zoey and Riley find the love and happiness that they both want and deserve? Will Zoey be honest with Riley about her own life or will her secrets destroy everything?

This was such a good book and I enjoyed it from start to finish.

I thought the bets between Riley and Diesel were hilarious but when Diesel did the marriage bet I was completely shocked! I can't believe he would do that and Riley wouldn't just pay up. I really liked Riley and knew how much chemistry he had with Zoey and would never intentionally hurt her.

Riley was a really good guy and I wanted him to be happy and he really had that once Zoey came and he was able to be the husband that he wanted to be.

Zoey was a breath of fresh air and I was shocked that she agreed to marry him but once we got a closer look at Zoey and what she was running from things began to make sense.

I gave Zoey so much credit for coming out to see Riley and trying to give their marriage a go. I loved how welcomed she was into his family and how she really found a sense of peace at the Ranch. I loved all of the Bishop family and how they embraced Zoey and made her feel at home.

I knew why Zoey needed to return but I was absolutely shocked at who arrived at the ranch and how everything went down. I was mad at Zoey for not telling Riley anything and I understood why he was so upset. I was glad that she tried to explain things but I was upset that she left Riley after everything.

I was so proud of Zoey for how everything went in Phoenix and was glad that she was open with her parents finally. I was glad that Zoey made the right decision and made everything perfect again!!

Looking forward to what is coming next!!

4.5 Stars

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