Monday, November 18, 2019

My review of The Truth About Alice by Alta Hensley

Alice was a soldier with the Penna but she has decided to desert, knowing that if she is caught the penalty is death. Soon she finds herself caught by the Cyans, an opposing faction and they must decide if she is friend or foe.

But through that she meets White Rabbit who gives her a choice between sex slave or archer. Once again Alice makes the wrong decision and finds herself in the frozen tundra.

Can Alice prove herself to Rabbit and the rest of the Cyan and find the love she wants more than anything?

This was a good book and I am liking these altered fairy tales.

I really liked Alice but understood why she was done with the senseless killing as the war was going on and on and an end didn't appear to be near. I liked that she was tough and fierce but still a woman. She knew she had to prove herself in battle to the Cyan and did a great job of doing so.

At first I really hated Rabbit as he was cruel to Alice but he never knew what her intentions were. Part way in you could tell that he actually cared about Alice and was going to do what he could to protect her but at the same time still letting her fight in battles.

I was so mad at the talks and everything that happened with that. I was hurt for the Cyan and so mad at the Pennas. I liked learning about Alice's past with the Penna and more insight into why she left them.

I was shocked when Alice made a decision about the water well and how much danger she ended up placing herself in. I knew why she did it but I also understood why Rabbit was so mad about the situation.

The end was good and I was glad that the two groups finally found some version of peace!

4 Stars

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