Monday, November 25, 2019

My review of In The Unlikely Event by L.J. Shen

Aurora Belle "Rory" Jenkins was broken the first time she met Malachy Dohert eight years ago in Ireland when she found out about the death of her father. Their one night stand ended up with a contract between the two on a napkin that if the two were to meet up again that they would be together, regardless of any other relationships that the two may be in.

Rory is now a freelance photographer for Blue Hill Records and in a relationship with Callum Brooks. Malachy is now a well known songwriter whom has gathered the attention of all of America and they all want a closer look at the Irish poet.

When Rory and Malachy are forced to work together will they be able to overcome all of the secrets from the past and the betrayals? Will Rory want to give up her relationship with Callum for a contract from the past?

This was such a great book with so many twists and turns that I never saw coming and there were so many laughing moments that just made the book.

I thought Rory was a great character and it was sad that her life was so manipulated by so many different people over the years. I gave her credit for moving on from the drama and finding herself and a career that she loved in spite of everything. Callum appeared to be a great guy who supported her but you could almost see that he really wasn't too happy with her new job. 

I loved Malachy when he first met him 8 years ago but I absolutely hated the one in the present. He was so cruel to Rory and I had no idea why as she hadn't done anything to him over the years. The stuff he did to Rory to make her uncomfortable was intense yet he still held onto the napkin. 

There was so much chemistry between Malachy and Rory but both were in relationships and Rory was mad that Malachy married her half-sister Kathleen who tormented her in Ireland 8 years ago.

Gradually secrets began to be revealed which opened up the reader's eyes to so much more things that I couldn't possibly have imagined. This allows everything to fall into place and clears up so much of the tension.

I liked that Malachy and Rory were able to clear up so much stuff when they actually discussed everything. This opened up a couple of other conflicts but I was glad that Rory and her mom were also able to discuss everything.

One of my most favorite parts were the notes from several people/things. The notes from the cow, Kathleen and the candy bar were absolutely epic!!! I laughed so hard and will never forget the candy bar - ever!

The end was awesome and I loved the way that everyone was able to overcome the past and work together for a future that included all of them.

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