Tuesday, November 19, 2019

My review of Dangerous Game: An Armed & Dangerous/Circle of Justice Crossover Novel by L.P. Dover

Dominic Corsino's father ran the city until his death and now it has fallen on Dominic to control the family interests. Yet he knows he can't do it alone and although he wants out of most of the criminal aspects of the business he needs to have some power still. He asks for help from his brother-in-law Bryce Chandler and several of his fellow FBI agents.

Faith Hilliard is the best friend of Layla Chandler, Dominic's younger sister. When Faith is double crossed by her soon to be ex-husband, Philip, Dominic comes to her aid and offers her a place to stay and a new job.

As Dominic and Faith deal with their past feelings for one another, they must also contend with Dominic's enemies who are coming out of the woodwork to get anything to use against him. Can Dominic still hold onto Faith knowing what he has to do to save his empire?

This was such a fantastic book and I loved it from start to finish!! I can't wait for more in this series and I loved the combination of the two series together. 

I loved Dominic as he was a man that was so torn. He had been kept away from so much of the business and then was forced into it with the death of his father but he knew he still had to have some control over everything to prevent terrible things from happening. He cared about Faith for such a long time and I really loved the two of them together!

Faith was awesome and I think I wanted to kill her husband Philip for how he tricked her with their divorce. I was happy that Dominic gave her a job and a place to stay but I understood why she didn't want it to look like she was taking his handouts.

Their was so much chemistry between Faith and Dominic and I really wanted them to be together right from the beginning but I also could understand why Dominic wanted to keep Faith as far away as possible from the world he was in. There were so many secrets and there were definitely some people set out to expose all of the secrets.

I loved how Bryce helped Dominic out as much as possible and gave him his brother Reed and a few others to help him get things straightened out before he decided what he was going to do. The FBI boys provided lots of valuable information through the book.

I hated Cadoc Cartwright as I knew he was trying to use Faith as a way of getting to Dominic and I definitely did not trust him at all!

The twist at the end with the fighting pit was intense and I was freaking out a little for sure! The scene definitely turned my stomach!

I was so mad and grossed out at the end for what happened to Faith . I was so happy that Dominic and Reed were able to get there and finish things off!

The end was awesome with what Dominic did for Faith and I am really hoping we get more!!

5 Stars

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