Friday, November 22, 2019

My review of Fraud by Hayley Faiman

Ten years ago Hutton Baker fell for Beaumont Griffin after watching him perform on stage but one year later he broke her heart with no regrets. Now she still battles with not being able to get over him but has opened her own hairdressing salon and is trying to move on with her life.

Beaumont Griffin once had his heart broken by his ex Chelle and vowed to never let another woman into his heart the way that she was and leaving Hutton was always part of the plan as he knew he would make it big one day. He has battled addiction since leaving his home town and moved to LA for a chance to have his music heard by everyone. Yet slowly his life began to unravel and he finds himself getting out of rehab again and his music label wants him to slow down and reinvent himself.

When Beau and Hutton find themselves face to face again they must deal with the hurt that Beau caused. When Beau asks for another chance with Hutton will she give it to him and will she be willing to put up with the ghosts of his past still having a hold over him?

This was a great book about overcoming the past and letting love in.

My heart broke for Hutton at the beginning of the book as she was completely blindsided by Beau when he broke up with her. The stuff he said to her was so cruel and it made me sad that she was still having trouble getting over him. I was proud of her for following her own dreams and opening her own salon, being her own boss and working with her best friend Laurie.   

Beau was such a jerk at the beginning of the book for what he did to Hutton and how he took his anger from Chelle out on her. I hated that he painted them both under the same brush as Hutton wasn't Chelle or his mom. I was happy that his record label wanted him to clean up his act and I thought the concert ideas were great and I hoped he would be able to turn his life around.

I wondered how fast things would happen between Beau and Hutton once they saw each other again and I wasn't disappointed. I was worried that Beau was going to struggle with a real relationship and I crossed my fingers that he had grown up.

I was impressed with the change in Beau on the bus and while touring. He really showed that he was serious about staying sober and not wanting to jeopardize his relationship with Hutton. The tension between him and Austin was intense but I liked that Brian had his back.

When things began to get intense for both Beau and Hutton with the press I began to get suspicious over who was involved. Then a few things that happened to Hutton and I was so mad and angry and knew it had to be someone close to Beau. I was shocked at who was involved and why they were.

The end was great and I was so happy that it ended the way I wanted it to but I was left in shock over Laurie!!! 

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