Friday, November 15, 2019

My review of Flutter by Olivia Evans

Dylan Evans is trying to get over the death of his girlfriend, Presley Cooper, 6 years ago and has decided to become a doctor. He decides to move across the country to do his internship at Grace Hospital to try and put some distance between himself and his past.

His grandmother connects him to Dr. Edmonds who has him working at Hilltop Institute where he is confronted with the past and he realizes how much of his life has been built on lies.

Can Dylan find a way of getting through and discovering the truth about the past before he gets caught?

This was such a good book and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down!!

I loved Dylan and I liked reading about the past he shared with Presley. Her parents were awful but I loved how Dylan was so supportive of Presley and really loved her. You knew how much he loved her when 6 years later he still hadn't gotten over her death but he recognized that he needed a fresh new start.

I could tell Dylan's grandma was aware of so much more but I understood why she waited to let Dylan in on certain things and why she did what she did. She loved Dylan so much but also knew he had to be prepared for everything.

The secrets around Hilltop were huge and I really hated Dr. Sanders as you could tell he did not have his patients best interests in mind and was just drugging them into oblivion.

My heart broke for what my favorite girl was going through and I really blamed her parents. I liked when she began figuring things out for herself yet one wrong dose and she was back to square one. I was happy that she took everything slowly as she had been living in a fog for so lng and had no concept about what was real.

I absolutely loved Cody and Zach. I knew that the actual truth was different than what was said and I was so happy for everything that they did to help Dylan!!

I was worried towards the end as I had a feeling Dr. Sanders would start catching on and I was right but I loved how everything went down and how the truth finally came out!!

Such a great book!

5 Stars

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