Monday, July 10, 2017

My review of Tutu's & Cowboy Boots: Part One (Tutu's & Cowboy Boots #1) by Casey Peeler

Cadence Lewis is forced to move with her mom from New York City to Delight, North Carolina and give up her dancing and the life she knew. She is extremly mad at having to give up everything when her dad leaves her mom for a younger woman. She moves onto her Grandma's farm and is shocked at the things that she will be required to take care of.

Barrick works for Cadence's grandma, Ms. Mae, and is put off my Cadence's attitude and her lack of ever doing real work before. He tries to teach her the way of the farm but can tell that beneath her anger is a lot of hurt.

When Cadence has to go to school she is faced with "mean girls" yet meets Jade Carpenter and the two soon become fast friends. When Cadence learns Jade dances will she give the small town a chance?

When Cadence has a chance to return to New York will she jump on the chance and realize how much better things were then or will she realize the small town living isn't really too bad?

This was a great story about coming to terms with things that are out of our hands and how we deal with them determines our own level of happiness. Cadence hated that she had no choice to move onto her Grandma's farm but very gradually she was able to adapt and form friendships with Barrick and Jade but there were some expected things with them as well!

Barrick was initially so frustrated with Cadence and her attitude but gradually he learned more about what she left behind and why she left he was able to see a different side of her. It was interesting to see that Barrick did his school through the college and online courses in order for him to work for Ms.Mae at the farm.

I really liked how Jade was able to gain confidence through Cadence and she was able to get away from Maddie. She was able to "humble" Cadence as well through her judgement of the dance studio.

The ending made me really sad for Cadence with her dad. It was super sad the choices he made and how they impacted her.

Looking forward to the next book in the series!

4 Stars

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