Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My review of Love Me by Sharon Kleve

Sage McGuire has recently opened her own dream PI business and unfortunately that means it's likely there will at least be one more trip to the hospital for her with all the bad luck she seems to attract.

Sergeant Carter Morgan is a Portland Narcotics Cop and is Sage's boyfriend. Yet no matter what he does he can't seem to keep Sage out of trouble.

When Sage receives a vision from her dead boss telling her he was murdered will Sage ask Carter for help or will she try and do it all on her own?

This was another fun and quick read in the Sage McGuire series!

Sage is so much fun and I love all the trouble she gets herself into. I love that Carter is always trying to protect her but that it never seems to work out for him. The pair are so hot together and love each other so much!

So I was predicting that a bunch of stuff would go down from the first book between Sage and Dr.Smithfield's wife, Isabella. I just had no idea how and I really enjoyed how the author pulled this one off!

I loved the ending of the book and I am definitely curious to see what the author has for us next!

4 Stars

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