Thursday, July 27, 2017

My review of Illicit (Sin City Outlaws, #4) by M.N. Forgy

Mace "Machete" Ryder is part of the Sin City Outlaws MC that is currently embattled in a war with Cross and a local mafia group out of Las Vegas. When the group captures Raven who works for Cross they are hoping that Machete can break her and reveal where Cross is.

Raven grew up imprisoned by Cross and has had her mind worked over in so many ways that she does not get attached to anyone. She has her guard up and can handle any torture thrown at her. She is bitter and wants her own revenge.

As Machete tries to break Raven the two end up forming a bond but will Machete end up betraying his brotherhood or Raven when it comes down to having to make a choice?

This was a great read and very interesting to watch both Machete and Raven struggle with their own personal demons.

I liked Machete and found his own story pretty interesting and understood his hesitancy in getting attached to Raven. I love how conflicted he was on how to gain what he needed from Raven but at the same time really didn't want to torture her.  He has such a hard time breaking her until he finally discovers a weakness but at the same time it's almost too late by then.

Raven was such a strong character and on one hand I admired her for being able to withstand so much but I was also a little mad at her for causing so much trouble when she was working for Cross. She had her own mixed up past and I understood why she wanted her own revenge for what was done to her.

The relationship that developed between the two was definitely hot!! I loved why Raven made the request that she did when she knew her time was almost up.

The twist towards the end was awesome and I loved how everything played out. Well except for the part with Gatz. I was mad there for sure!

Can't wait to read what's next!

4 Stars

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