Friday, July 21, 2017

My review of Right for Love by Aria Cole

Carly Samuelson is a pre-med student with her nose in the books. She has no time for casual dating or hook-ups but when her best friend, Selma Martinez downloads a dating app for her she isn't sure what to expect.

Thorn Cartwright is 32 and a doctor in the ER department. He is desperate for a date to the Valentine's Day Ball the next night and turns to a dating app for help.

When Carly and Thorn meet will it be a shock for both of them?

This was a great quick read on instantaneous friendship and laughs which turns into something more. I loved that they met in a coffee shop and talked for hours and then proceeded to go shopping for the ball.

I wasn't expecting the scene at the ball (with the other guy) or the stairs but I loved them both! The stairs was hot and definitely working out some sexual tension after what just happened!

This is one of those books that makes you think a dating app could be the right thing!

I thought the epilogues were great and loved the fertility of Carly!

4 Stars

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