Monday, July 3, 2017

My review of Country Nights by Winter Renshaw

Leighton Hart is 27 years old and has just split with her fiance Grant after watching him change from a nice guy to a power driven money hungry guy who she caught cheating. She thinks it is a sign when her childhood home is for rent for 60 days with a $5000 deposit but when she gets there she learns it was a total scam.

River McCray is 34 years old and the new owner of Leighton's childhood home. Eventually he decides that Leighton can stay there if she helps him out on the farm. But River doesn't smile often and Leighton soon realizes that there is a lot of guilt built up inside of him and he is not a happy guy.

Leighton also makes a friend, Seth, in town and Leighton finds herself trying to figure out what she wants in the short time that she is in town. But soon we learn how intertwined everyone's pasts are when everything comes out who will end up destroyed?

I really enjoyed this book and the twists and turns were great!

I really liked Leighton and the need to get away from Grant and all of his lies. I was totally shocked at how persistent he was with her though and did not take a hint that she was done with him. She was putting the pieces of her life back together but also knew that she was only in town for a limited time so she didn't want to get attached to Seth or River but still wanted to have fun.

You knew right from the beginning that River had a lot of pain inside of him and blamed himself for everything that had happened. He felt he wasn't worthy of Leighton and didn't deserve to be happy. Yet he and Leighton developed a bond that began with friendship where she taught him to live again.

Seth was interesting at the beginning as you could see that he would be a ladies man who wanted more than friendship. As things progressed I knew I was right and then when everything was revealed I was glad for Leighton's actions.

The past was so sad for both Rover and Leighton and when the pieces fell into place I totally knew that something was off and knew that things weren't as they were portrayed!

So glad how things ended and I totally loved Molly!!

4 Stars

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