Sunday, July 16, 2017

My review of A Real Man: Volume Four by Jenika Snow


Deacon McKnight is a blacksmith who owns his own shop and watches Maddie walk by his shop during the week on her way to college. When Deacon has a chance to rescue Maddie will he jump on the opportunity?

Maddie is very attracted to Deacon and knows she wants him but isn't sure how to go about getting him. When she is finally able to tell him how much she wants him will he run?

This was another fun read by Jenika Snow involving an alpha male and an "innocent" girl.

Maddie is a sweet college girl who has never "gone to far" but she sure wants to with Deacon. I loved how he never took advantage of her when he could have and waited for the perfect time.

The sex is hot (as always) and the ending always leaves you with a smile on your face!


Axel is a boxer and is in love with his best friend Roxie Crater for years. He has never been with another woman, saving himself for her. When the opportunity arises will Axel tell Roxie how he feels about her or will his jealousy drive her away?

This is another typical read from Jenika Snow. The stories are all alike but they are quick and hot and a fun read.

I loved the innocence of both Axel and Roxie in this story and how they both had feelings for each other for such a long period of time but never acted on it. They were both admaant in their feelings and jumped on the chance to move forward!

Their first sex scene was innocent and fired up as they had held in their feelings for so long that neither knew how long they would last!

Love the epilogues!

Kilt Me

Molly Crane is a college student and when her new substitute professor walks in wearing a kilt she knows she wants to know what's underneath it. When she hears his sexy Scottish brogue she realizes she's going to want some extra help outside of class time.

Professor Alastair McGowan notices Molly the moment he walks into the classroom and knows he wants her. He knows there are rules about fraternizing with the students but this is one rule that he is willing to break for her.

Will Alastair be able to convince Molly that he is the one for her?

This was another fun read by the author and I loved reading the book with the Scottish brogue. I wish I had a professor like that back in college!

The immediate attraction between Alastair and Molly was hot and immediate. I loved the jealous side of Alastair whenever he saw Molly with any of the guys from school.

The scene in Alastair's office was hot and I definitely wondered if they were going to get caught!

I loved the epilogue in Scotland!

3.5 Stars

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