Monday, July 17, 2017

My review of Crescent Moon by Patricia Charles

Claressa Dupre is the Assistant District Attorney in New Orleans. She is in a relationship with police detective Pete LaMont and are having dinner when they are called to a murder in the rich area. Celine St.Pierre has been murdered and the suspicion is on Texan West Morgan.

Yet as Claressa begins to do some investigating on her own she finds links to her own life and a woman with a mysterious and controversial past. When she finds herself under suspicion she knows she must find out the truth but is confused on where to put her alliance - with West or with Pete?

Will Claressa discover the truth before she finds herself in jail or with more of her loved ones killed?

This was an interesting story with lots of lies and deception.

Claressa was trying to discover the truth about everything and as she learned more she found herself in her own trouble. I didn't like the relationship she had with either of her parents and I found it almost took away from the story a little. Her relationship with her twin sister Chantel wasn't stable either and I was definitely surprised at how much Chantel knew that Claressa didn't.

I was definitely confused a little about the relationship between Pete and Claressa as it seemed like at the beginning they were together but then I didn't see that they split before she hooked up with West and then I read that she and Pete had been engaged. That all left me confused.

I liked West and I felt like he was a perfect person to blame but I liked that he said he would have rather had Celine suffer. But then through the story I felt like maybe he was guilty and I was never sure until everything was revealed at the end.

Celine definitely did not seem like a nice person and I was surprised at what she was holding against everyone. She was a mean lady for sure and didn't want anyone getting in her way.

There were many levels of deception and some twists and turns. I never did fully understand the motive behind framing Clarissa for everything that happened.

I did enjoy the epilogue!

3.5 Stars

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