Monday, July 10, 2017

My review of Bought and Paid for by Jordan Marie and Jenika Snow

Jackson King was a businessman who has just managed to buy Megan Beaumont for a week to fulfill a debt of her father, Philip.

But Jackson has other plans for Megan when the week is up but will she be accepting of his plans?

This was a great collaboration between two wonderful authors so you knew the book was going to be full of great sex scenes!

Jackson knew his personal plans right from the beginning with Megan and wasn't about to let anything interfere with what he wanted. He was a complete alpha male with an agenda and he almost baited Philip into playing his game.

I knew what Megan would do right from the beginning but I knew the getting there would be extremely hot and a great easy and fun read!

I'd love these two to collaborate on a bigger MC book!

4 Stars

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