Saturday, July 22, 2017

My review of Brandon by Julia Sykes

Ella is a Dominatrix at Dark Grove Plantation at night and during the day she is a successful lawyer. She feels the need to be a Dom as she hates the idea of being topped, especially when she is under pressure from many men during her job as a lawyer.

Brandon is a dom at Dark Grove and has always wanted Ella but she keeps putting up a wall between them and won't give him the time of day.

When Brandon bets Ella and the stakes are high which one will come out on top? Will Ella be able to deal with everything she is faced with when she feels like she is in over her head?

This was another great quick read in the series that is hot!!

I truly felt bad for Ella with what she was going through in the battle within herself with being a dom or a sub. I understood why she wanted the power of being a dom as she worked in a male dominated field and wanted to feel in control. But at the same time her own needs were not being met as much as they could be if she was a sub.

Brandon was a total alpha male and I loved that he wanted to protect Ella and take care of her. He needed to show her that she could be treated well as a sub and still have some control. He had get Ella to trust him and earn her trust.

I loved the maze scene and was totally not expecting the scene in the dungeon!!

This was another great read and I can`t wait for more!!  

4 Stars

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