Saturday, July 15, 2017

My review of No Excuses by Nikki Kaye

Madeline "Maddie" Jones is an executive assistant for the attractive Brian Gage. When she is forced to go on a work retreat with him she hopes she won't let her fantasies about him get in the way of anything work related.

Brian Gage is a very hardworking CEO who pushes his employees to perfection and expects a lot out of them. When the retreat leads to him developing feelings for Maddie will he change his ways and expectations?

As Maddie and Gage realize they both care about each other will they be able to keep their work and personal lives separate? Will Gage realize the errors of his work ways before it's too late?

This was a great book!

I loved Maddie and how differently she saw things from Gage and how she "humanized" him. With not knowing her parents she took such a different take on things compared to Gage and we saw how much that impacted things at certain parts of the book. She was strong and when she discovered how much she needed her job she had to make such a difficult choice.

I did really like Gage and it's no wonder why he got to where he was at a young age but he was so focused on work that he was losing those around him. I absolutely loved his playroom and that was one of my favorite parts! He didn't have many personal skills and couldn't really understand the complaints that people had or what to really do with them. He expected things done and because his life revolved around work he expected others to feel the same.

I really enjoyed Bobbi and Aaron and their story as well as it created so much conflict with Gage and those around him. It challenged his mind to think differently and see that not everyone wanted the same things as he did.

Definitely looking forward to reading more from this author!

4.5 Stars

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