Thursday, July 20, 2017

My review of Mayhem's Warrior: Operation Mayhem by Lindsay Cross

Captain T.K. Reaper was one of Jack Mankel's test subjects for Project Mayhem and now he needs to get serum before the rest of his men die without it.

Caroline Cotter has been used as a pawn and hostage since being kidnapped and is now being held by her ex-fiance General Ranier. She is being poked and prodded and has no idea what is happening to her or why people want her.

When Reaper rescues Caroline he does so with a purpose but now the two are being tracker through the South Sudan by Ranier's men who want them both back. As Caroline and Reaper get closer they realize their attraction for each other but when something happens that could affect all of Reaper's men will he leave Caroline?

This is one of my favorite series and I must admit I am so tied in emotionally with all these characters since the first book. Like so many others this one left me hanging with what is going to happen next as there is so much at stake for Reaper's men.

I loved seeing Reaper in this book as it is a different side of him due to what happened with Mankel. He was chemically altered to be a super soldier but he has feelings and he begins to realize how much he cares for Caroline as they trek through the jungle together. Yet we see that other side of him with Caroline's mistake.

Caroline has been used and tossed around from one captor to another while her blood is being analyzed. I don't think she has a clue what is going on and I felt bad that she had no idea what happened to her dad while she was taken. I love how hard she fights to keep up with Reaper and I felt so bad at how she was treated after her mistake as that was not her intention at all.

The passion between Caroline and Reaper was super hot!!

I am super curious to see where things are going due to what has happened with Dr.Melissa Averton. I was not expecting that to happen at all and now I am really nervous at what is going to happen and who is going to be in Ranier's line of fire now!!

Eagerly waiting for the next book!!

5 Stars

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