Thursday, September 15, 2016

My review of Wolf on Wheels by Layne Macadam

Lara Walker is a veterinarian who can not find Mr.Right or the time to really look. Her sister sets her up with different guys and at a party she meets Mark and Joe. Lara is wondering if either of these guys will be the one for her.

One night Caleb Grayson sees Lara and instantly knows that she is who he is meant to be with, even if she has no clue who he even is. Will a "chance" meeting give Caleb the chance he is after or will one someone else have other plans?

When Lara is faced with having to choose between two men will she make the right choice? Will the secrets that Caleb has been keeping from Lara push her away from him?

I enjoyed this book and really enjoyed the dilemma Lara was having with men. I thought it was great when Joe met Caleb and his immediate distaste for him due to what he looked like yet we saw what kind of guy Caleb really was.

I liked Caleb and wondered how he was going to tell Lara the truth about everything. I was completely surprised about Lara's family and never saw that coming.

I'm glad Lara was able to decide what she wanted although with everything going on at the compound there's much more to come!

4 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!