Monday, September 19, 2016

My review of Esmeralda & The Second Hand Suitor by Hebby Roman

Esmeralda Garcia needs to find a husband or lose her family's orchard due to a clause in her father's will. If she isn't able to find one her cousin Hector will inherit the property.

Hank McCall is twice-divorced and has come to South Padre as an escape from his life in Chicago after recently losing his job. He's not looking for any serious relationship but is attracted to Esmeralda when he meets her at a dance at the local senior centre.

When Esmeralda realizes that Hank could be the answer to her prayers she questions whether he is the guy for her or if she is just not meant to have the orchard.

I liked this book but had a bit of a hard time relating to Esmeralda. There is no real explanation of her past and why she has stayed single for so long and whether or not her dad was wanting her to get married before he died. She was so hot and cold with Hank that I really found myself liking him more than her.

I found Hector a bit concerning and found him showing up drunk concerning that Esmeralda's father would trust him with the property.

Glad things turned out the way they did for Hank!

3 Stars

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca, for reviewing my book. I appreciate your thoughts and insights. Hope you have a great day!