Sunday, September 18, 2016

Getting healthy

So as you can see I have not posted any recipes for a long time. Part of the reason is that I got so busy that I stopped making food from recipes and was just winging it. Other times I'd forget to take a picture and I just really seemed to get behind on life.

The next reason was that about 4 months ago I did a lifestyle change thanks to Jasinda Wilder and her book Big Girls Do It Running. What a difference this book has made to my life and my outlook. I highly recommend reading this book if you battle with your health, weight or just want to get healthier.

I followed her 8 week program to a tee and following the 8 weeks I have kept to the program with the exception of a weekend in Seattle (hello Cheesecake Factory) and also a lacrosse wrap up party. But I never beat myself up for it and in fact when I returned from Seattle my weight went down again! I cheered!!

So in my diet I have taken out all added sugar, all chemical sugars (aspartame, etc), white flour and most whole wheat fibers. I have chosen breads that are high in fiber and try not to eat them on a regular basis. There are other things to but this is just a few things that are notable.

For pasta I have switched to a company called Dreamfields which is made in a way that is set for lower carbs. The kids both love the Dreamfields and I honestly don't feel as full/heavy after I eat a regular portion. In the book Jasinda discusses carbs, fats and proteins and how they should be eaten so I really watch now how I make all my meals.

I found a recipe for Pancetta and Kale Pasta which I thought would be awesome! I changed the pasta to Dreamfields and then made sure I had less fatty Pancetta. The kids absolutely loved it and thought it was so good!! I highly recommend this one and it is super easy to make. I think the only adjustment I would make is to not starting cooking the pancetta until the pasta is in the boiling water as I found I had to wait for the pasta!!

You can find the recipe here:


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