Thursday, September 15, 2016

My review of Wolf at the Door by Layne Macadam

This is the second book in the Heritage Series and I highly recommend reading Wolf on Wheels first.

Camille Robineau and her twin Cody are wolves who enjoy freedom yet have been kept away from all other wolves, along with their brother Connor by their mother Amber Lee. When their unknown past comes to meet them Camille takes matters into her own hands and leaves.

Jonah Lawson is Caleb's beta and is surprised when Camille shows up out of the blue, not knowing who she is. When Camille ends up putting her life in danger and then his, Jonah will do everything he can to keep Camille safe.

Will the spark between Jonah and Camille put them in more danger?

I enjoyed this book and was totally surprised with Camille and Cody and totally want an explanation about them still. I really want to hear from Amber Lee to get her side of everything although I still don't know much on Cameron's side either.

I think the hunters are interesting with the two types of them and I hope they will stop soon as I feel so bad for everyone's safety.

I really like Camille and Jonah together and I was very sad to hear everything that Jonah has gone through in the past and I am hoping that everything is wrong!

I am enjoying this series and can't wait to see who we learn about next!

4 Stars