Thursday, September 8, 2016

My review of A Fortune To Die For by Liza O'Connor

Megan Clarke  is doing well for herself until she wins the Mega Times Lottery and inherits the curse that comes along with it. She constantly is receiving threats on her life and enough that the FBI decides that she should start over with a new name and identity. Megan heads to Iowa with an interest in purchasing land from Helen Campbell.

Detective Steve Williams is on the case protecting Megan and soon finds that she is involved with all the wrong people and that her life is really in danger. When he follows her to Iowa he needs to do everything he can to protect her from the curse but doesn't realize how close the bad guys have gotten.

I enjoyed this book and all the twists and turns. Although sometimes I was definitely confused on whose side everyone was on during certain times.

I liked Megan but she was definitely much to trusting of others when she got to Iowa compared to how she was before she moved. I think if she was as guarded as she was back then she definitely would not have gotten herself in such a mess.

I really liked Steve and was thankful that he was helping out Megan.

I liked how the book ended and looking forward to more books by the author!  

4 Stars

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