Friday, September 16, 2016

My review of Naughty Haunts Collection

This a review for all eleven stories - some are really good and others are ok but overall a good set.

1) Strange Magic - Lynn LaFleur

Savannah is a witch who turns 100 on Halloween but in order to keep on living she needs to be able to complete a specific spell which she is having trouble with. Her mom asks Dominic, a master warlock to help her but Savannah's not sure if that is a good idea.

- This is a fun story and I thought it was funny when you discovered what Savannah's issue had been.

2) Gypsy Witch - Suz deMello

Ben McCulloch, a police officer, is secretly dating Elena Lautari, a witch, after their kids meet at camp. He enjoys the sex but think that Elena is a "card-carrying nut". When Elena's daughter gets caught up in some magic it is up to Elena to get her out of trouble but when Ben and others witness what happens he pulls away. Will Ben figure out how he feels about Elena or will she move on?

- I enjoyed this story as I think Ben got what he deserved in the end. I liked Elena and thought she was genuine and didn't need to be treated so badly.

3) The Magic That You Do - Tina Donahue

Finn Gallagher is standing in front of a Haunted House on Halloween debating on going in when he sees a woman in there. Will Finn remember what he is supposed to or will time run out for him?

- I thought this story was interesting with Finn figuring out what was going on. I was kind of lost in the beginning but at the end everything made sense.

4) Dirty Princess - Nicole Austin

Hallie is best friends with Ryland Carter, although she has always wanted more than just a friendship with him. When a night of drinking leads to her telling him about her fantasies how will he take it and will their friendship survive?

- I enjoyed this story and I definitely wasn't expecting certain things to happen although I knew other things would. I was kind of surprised at the end but I am glad that Hallie was able to sort things out with her mom and Ryland.

5) Where or When by Francesca Hawley

Sharon Beryl is a witch/bard and is attending the Samhain Ball with her cousin Jess Diamond to see Sharon's favorite singer Frank Jasper. When Sharon wins a dinner out with Frank will all her dreams come true or is the image of him in her head too good to be true?

- I liked this story and how there was a twist with Max. I didn't completely understand all the powers of a bard compared to that of a witch but it was still an interesting story.

6) The Ghosts at Substation #69 - Berengaria Brown

Doug is in love with Fern and when the chance comes to take her away from her abusive boyfriend, Lowell, he takes it. Unfortunately Lowell is not too far behind but with the help of Earl and Otis, love may win.

- I wasn't sure where this story was headed but I enjoyed it. I was totally surprised about Otis and was happy how he and Earl were able to help.

7) Coastal Ghost - Katherine Kingston

Mary Sullivan is renting a beach house where everything seems to be going wrong. She is debating leaving when a voice tells her she needs to wait until 6pm. Will Mary's luck change at 6pm??

- I liked this story and the way things turned out in such a way that shows we are meant to go on and live our lives.

8) The Revenant's Desire - Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Every year on Halloween Alana Cross meets her lover at an old house but this year something is after her. When Alana hears the story of her lover will she choose her own path?

- This story was good and it was interesting to hear Nolan's past and learn everything. It was sad that he seemed to get a bad deal with everything that happened.

9) Immortal Hunters by Suz deMello

Hestia White is a vampire who works for a Private Investigator company. When she is on the job and meets John VanHelsing, a police officer, will her days be numbered?

- I really enjoyed this book and the twist surprised me. I really wasn't expecting the Selkie and it was interesting to learn about this Celtic folklore.

10) Spontaneous Combustion - Nicole Austin

Maddy Flannagan has had a crush on Jake Cruise for years. When Jake bets Maddy he can guess her deepest fantasy she agrees but is surprised at what he wants if he's right.

- I liked this story although it was very similar to Dirty Princess. I was definitely as shocked as Maddie with what all happened as I was not expecting the "extras". Still a very fun story and hot!!

11) Were the Hell - Berengaria Brown

Septimus is the 7th child in his family of werewolves and is sent to the Forest Hills pack to see if they can help him discover why his pack is not producing any girl werewolves. What he gets when he arrives is not what he expected!

- This was another good story about finding what you aren't even looking for! I'm glad they got to the bottom of why the pack had no girls with some hot action in between!

4 Stars


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