Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My review of Montana Wild by Roni Hall

Jamie Harcourt has just lost two important people in her life - her Aunt Jenny and a patient named Jacob. When Jacob's nephew, Kevin Cunningham, invites her to Montana to spend a few days river rafting she agrees reluctantly.

What Jamie doesn't expect is the beauty of Montana and the loyalty and friendship that she receives from Kevin and his friends Ben and Rick. When an accident involving Rick's son Tommy brings them all closer Jamie agrees to stay in Montana a little longer.

As Jamie has left behind a broken relationship in New York she is wanting to move on yet doesn't feel like her heart can go through that again. When the pasts of both Jamie and Kevin come back will the two have a future or will Jamie risk everything to keep her new friends safe from her past?

I enjoyed this book but at times I found it difficult to relate to Jamie with her hesitation towards Kevin and moving on. Until we really learned what she went through in her past I don't think I was able to feel enough empathy for her. I loved her relationship with Tommy and I don't think it was used enough while she was at the ranch.

Kevin was so focused on Jamie and really wanted to do whatever he could to give her what she wanted and needed. There's nothing he wouldn't have done for her and he truly tried to explain things when everything went astray.

I loved the friendship of Kevin, Rick and Ben and the lengths that the three went for each other and Jamie. They were all great guys and I hope both of them get their own books!

3.5 Stars

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