Thursday, September 1, 2016

My review of Charming by Victoria Danann

This is the third book in the Exiled Series and although it can be read as a stand-alone it is much better to have read books one and two first to understand all the dynamics/relationships.

Charming has reluctantly taken over more of a leadership role of the Exiled in partnership of the humans after his dad has stepped down to take care of his mother. Lately there have been humans murdered in Farsuitwail at it looks like it is one of the Exiled who has committed them. The last thing he expects is for Rosie Storm to drop off a human named Ana at his place for safe keeping.

Ana is on the run in New York and has no idea that Rosie is about to change her world and bring her to a place she never ever imagined existed.

As Ana and Charming grow closer they must figure out how is committing the murders before the killer strikes closer to home.

I really enjoyed this last book and a look at the last brother, Charming. He has stepped up to help his people in a position he really doesn't want. Yet he does the job well and is a very well respected member of society.

Ana is lost but as I learned more about her background it was easy to understand why she was in the position she was. I loved how quickly she learned how to bake cookies and how she did want to be part of what was around her. I felt so bad for her the one night and I'm glad everything got resolved!!

Such a great and unique series!!

4 Stars

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