Monday, June 6, 2016

My review of The Wedding Promise by Karen Rose Smith

Beth Crandall was born Lynn Thaddeus, but after being kidnapped and then adopted she has just found her birth parents, Max and Amanda, again and is trying to repair their relationship. She feels guilty that she still refers to her adoptive parents, Irene and Roger, as mom and dad while calling her birth parents by their given names.

As Beth tries to heal from her past she asks Dr.Samuel Benedict to help cover a scar she received in her past. Beth is attracted to Samuel but knows he works overseas for much of the year and therefore is probably not the man for her.

As Beth works through getting to know her new family she wants to reconnect to a friend from the past and will use the resources she can to get information but maybe it will bring her more trouble.

I enjoyed this book and felt like it contained a lot of information. I found other than Sam and Beth we got to know the others but not as indepth as I would have liked with how much they appeared. It almost felt like the author tried to put so much information in that we almost had too many sub-stories.

I enjoyed getting to know Beth but I felt like with so much other stuff going on that we never got to know her as much as I would have liked. She had so much stuff happen to her that I felt like we almost didn't get to know the real her beneath everything. She was so concerned about pleasing others that we lost a bit of her.

I would have also liked to know a bit more about Samuel as well. I know about his past growing up but still felt as though I didn't get to know him as much as I wanted.

I really hope that the author has another book with these characters as I really would like more of them.  

3 Stars

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