Monday, June 27, 2016

My review of Summer Lovin' by Jacquie Biggar

Rebecca Sorenson is the secretary at Cascade Elementary and enjoys her job and living in her hometown. When Rebecca helps a young boy at the school, Tommy, whom she doesn't recognize something seems off to her and she reports it. One night she is at a local club when she is approached by 2 drunks who are planning on attacking her when she is rescued by Mitch Taylor.

Mitch Taylor had dreams of making it football and finding the right woman and both seemed to have blown up. He still has feelings for his ex but she cast him aside within minutes after they were married.

Will Mitch try and keep Rebecca safe from whom is after her and are there more secrets being kept from the people in town when Tommy is recognized?

This was a great novella about second chances and about protecting those who need protecting.

This is the second book I have read in this series and I think I really need to go back and read the ones I haven't read yet as there are some characters I really want to know more about.

I liked Rebecca but I'd love to really know why she pulled the plug on her relationship as I felt as though it could have gone into more depth. I didn't get a sense that she gave the marriage a shot at all. Mitch seems to show up at the right time which is great for Rebecca and obviously he cares about her.

I really hope the author writes a book with Sheriff Jack Garrett and what happens with Tommy and Jasper!!

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  1. Thank you for giving Mitch and Rebecca's story a try! There is a story about Jack (he's a popular guy :)) it's called The Sheriff Meets His Match. If you sign up for my newsletter, it comes to you free!